I don’t know if it’s the heat that wakes me up but I catch myself grinding my teeth again! I didn’t know I still do that! Could there be underlying stress I am ignoring? I doubt it!
I throw away my covers and try to fall back to sleep. A strange noise in the distance has my attention. At first it’s like someone screaming hoarsely but it happens so often and so mechanically I am sure it’s a machine. Now it sounds like shrieking chicken getting slaughtered.
That thought keeps me more awake. What if there are people outside this building and they are chanting and anytime now, they will throw in bottles of petrol to burn us up? What if they stand there with machetes waiting for any survivors? I peep outside but of course there is no one.
I am still a little scared though.
The general elections are a month away and I am afraid of being on this side of Kenya because it is not my tribal home. This side is diverse with all tribes of Kenya but it was one of the death fields during the past election violence. Now the blood has dried but…
I think I will go back to Mombasa during the election period- just to be on the safer side. But then again, the MRC might be planning something to make things haywire. Perhaps I will just go to Taita at my aunt’s place. That’s the safest. That’s where my tribe belongs. No tribe will dare come to another tribe’s home to try and wipe them out. At least I hope not!

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