Words are the foundation of our entire
A man who uses his well, conquers all
His words are victory and he will be
remembered, if his actions speak
louder than an army
because like troops, his words will
follow him everywhere he goes
announcing the coming of their king
A good name is everything in society
but good cannot be halfway
better a bad name than to have one
which swings between good and bad
Character is best built inside the walls
of righteousness
the soul of a man must be kept deep
inside his castle
for it is more precious than money,
gold or any other riches this world has
to offer
You will be shocked to find out that a
healthy soul can demand for a healthy
But not many have endured to reach
that point
Many souls are dead before heaven
Many die without speaking
Call it spiritual abortion
Many have denied themselves
Many are proud right before they make
not knowing the importance of baby
“I can fly!” they say, then they fall flat
on their faces
Endurance is a course that is avoided
by the majority
but we all have to take it
I believe that is the best thing about
the gospel,
in life, we mostly do practicals
Do the little things right, big tings will

© Pepe Haze

courtesy of Storyzetu

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  1. tonny muchui says:

    I can fly they say then they fall flat on their faces.logical piece. Makes one think.

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