Knowing what to do is knowledge, knowing when to do it is wisdom.

Wisdom is not what you think is how you think what you think.

No one is born wise and not all die wise.

Just a  chosen few that court wisdom that manage to get his sweetness.

Intelligence is important, knowledge is paramount, imagination is supreme but wisdom is their father.

A wise man has his promising future cast in stone; for only God chooses the wise among us.

Wisdom is the gift that no father can give.

Wisdom is the writing that no book holds.

Wisdom is the highest achievement that one acquires in the school of life.

Amassing all knowledge and without wisdom is like trying to quench your thirst from falling raindrops.

Being all rich and lacking wisdom is like building an edifice on sinking sand.

Wisdom is the tool of legends

A wise man is the pool of honour and respect.

Seeking power without wisdom is splashing mud on your face.

A poor man that is wise is more blessed than a rich fool.

If you died searching wisdom, then yours was a worthy life.

Wisdom is a beautiful princess that only the worthy men can take her hand in marriage.

Wisdom is a strong force that only the strong can shoulder.

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