Her graceful smile
And the gap between her teeth to
justify it
The laugh so exotic, it would turn one
The echo behind doing justice to it.
Why then?
Her African but petite physique
Leave both men and women turning
The gracias walk, step by step
As if carefully counting them
Her waist moves to the imaginary beat
on everyone’ s head.
Why then?
The arousing scent she leaves behind
Only a thought of it behind your
The make up on her face, the red
lipstick on her lips
Leaving all to imagine the cherry taste
or is it strawberry
Her nails, always perfectly polished,
always long and not fake
Why then?
Her voice, oh my, her voice
Only ‘hello’ and your world spins with
So soft and ends with a giggle just to
Why then?
She flirts
She sexs good, please don’t ask how I
know this
Her waist wiggles for a better thrust,
so I heard
Why then?
Then the men in her life leave
questions in many
Jerks follow her around like fleas
I ask why she cant get THE ONE
Its like destiny for her
So I ask why?
And with her degree, her good job
Why then?
Is it fate?
Is her path made that way by our
But only time will tell

© Cathy Nzissi

courtesy of Storyzetu

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