I want you

I want you to hold me

To squeeze me


I miss the warmth

In your arms

I miss the moments

I lay in your arms

Watch the night grow to day

When we shared stories


The tickles we had


I miss your morning kiss

On my forehead

For it reassured me of your love

The midday hug,

I knew I was lucky

To have you in my life


As we prepared dinner together

I loved the sight if hands at work-

our hands-

The drinks we shared after our meals



Time passed and everything

Became a memory

Just a once upon a time tale

The jokes turned to tears

When I yearned for your embrace

You said I was clingy

I prepared meals

You complained they weren’t delicious

And when they were

You asked me to clean the house twice a day


Know you wish

I shouldn’t have come your way

You said I brought you shame

I became a mistake


My small sister has replaced me


I have a question for you

Where did I go wrong?

Was it all a mistake?

Where is all the love you assured me of?

Where is the person

I first met

And admired?


Where are you

Cause I miss you




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