Kenyans are tired. Kenyans are fed up. Kenyans have had enough. This, is too much! Kenyans are tired of the word “insecurity.” Insecurity flies past us so many times these days it is almost losing meaning. You switch on the news, it is there in red; talk to a friend, it is there in dread, then you go look for security in church, but it’s there instead. It has become a tiresome topic and it won’t die. We are tired Mr. President! Let me tell you why…

This morning, my friend, let’s call him Hamisi was robbed off his laptop at gunpoint in the city centre near the Bomb Blast Memorial Park. Last week, 2 of my friends had their house in Rongai broken into and two laptops were stolen. Just like that people I know have lost 3 laptops and some faith in humanity in a week.
These robbers are working with impunity. They do not care where or when they are stealing, but they will steal. They will steal as if we have no police. They will steal as if it recently became legal. Will they steal and we still maintain our cool? No! Kenyans are fed up Mr. President.
Not just humans are in danger, the elephants and rhinos are being killed and slaughtered faster than Governors are buying police cars.  We are tired of all these! The animals are tired too.
Now, we have lost lives in yet another bombing in Eastleigh just a week after gunmen attacked a church shooting worshippers as if playing Call of Duty. A friend remarked on Facebook that Eastleigh has become the spot where terrorists perform target practice. Eastleigh people have had enough. They are tired of being used as guinea pigs for the latest IED in the market. They are Kenyans Mr. President. They have had more than enough!
All this insecurity is not helping our country a tiny bit. Citizens live in fear and anxiety. One does not know whether their laptop will be stolen while they walk with it, or in their cars or in their houses, thieves have proven they will take it if they want it. The thieves will come for you whether you live in Karen, Rongai, South B or Eastlands. They will get you if they want to. Terrorists have proven they can bomb us in Westgate or Eastleigh. They will bomb us if they feel like.

We are cornered and helpless. All we have now is a bit of faith that everyday you walk you won’t either lose your property or your life-for both are at stake and in the mercy of our tormentors. Mr. President, we are tired. We need a more vigilant force,  a better Police head or a better Internal Security Secretary. Or maybe, we need all that, and soon came yesterday. Or else, we will all be bombed and you will have no Kenyans to rule. Mr. President, this is why Kenyans elected you, protect them now.

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