Why are we still talking about Uhuru, deferring and ICC in the same sentence? Should he go and get tried? Like hell he should!

Don’t get me wrong- am no hater of the president. I don’t care much for him except for when he does awesome things like saying no to the draconian media bill. And I think he’s an okey guy- except for this ICC thing he’s been trying to wiggle his ass out of. I think that’s sneaky.

photo source : http://www.hiiraan.com/images/2013/Apr/Amina_Mohamed_23042013.jpg

It’s no personal-turned-national issue as Amina Mohammed claims. He was summoned to be tried, he said he’d go. He must go. Simple. Why is it such a touchy issue for Uhuru to get tried at the ICC? Sure he’s a sitting president but so fucking what? No sitting president has ever been tried? Well awesome! We are making history in things other than sports aren’t we?

Why does the AU they want to make it a colonial, black/white issue? That’s crap!

And deferring the case for another year is bullshit. Do you think the witnesses (if they don’t keep dropping out) will recall 2008 as vividly in a year or more (supposing Uhuru seeks more reasons to defer for another 5 years)?

Uhuru must go.  The country won’t crumble just because he’s at The Hague!

He should be tried and if he’s innocent, well and good for him and for Kenya too! I don’t think the president has anything to fear; unless of course he does have something to fear.

And if he’s guilty…well that’s shitty aint it? That’s a whole can of worms we don’t want to open now do we?


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