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Tin Glass

today before a voice spitting
before burning coal that a
mountain hill cold chase,
below these mountain slopes
that a fog blind,
i dine in a house of meaness,
evil stitched eyes that in darkness
silent tones that wish you away,
and this be the way they be,
that invite you by mouth,
yet deep in a regret fountain
cursing and wishing,
that to forfeit this a date you will,
an old black mans’ selfishness,
that brag and boast ’cause they
serve a poor boy with a glass
tin glass that a handle lacks,
burns to remind you of a door
never to knock,
scars that a china clay makes you
a meal served in a two thoughts,
just your worms to feed,
and you but to taste,
sad to they for such triffles
barely a soul perturb,
these little deeds,
painted by cold scolding eyes,
that dart in stares thrown in
selective glances,
be but wood that burns,
soon consumed by the fire,
that out and within burns,
and all but ashes be left,
and a wind that blows,
everything carries,
nothing left a reminder,
never a memory of heat that did
maybe a soot that a a wall did
or a smoke that a cough left,
wave you trees in disbelief,
these walls much have seen,
they cry not,
just crack in pitiful pain,
that from years gone sprout,
a silent wailing never heard..

©Skillz Tha Poet

courtesy of Storyzetu

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