I once read an almost fictional book on Shakespeare. Yeah it was almost fictional because i could tell that the writer had patched up the ‘biography.’ He (or was it a she? ) fixed his/ her own imagination on what he/she thought Shakespeare’s life should have been.the book is called, “the life of Will Shakespeare “..try and read it if you can get it …I doubt you will.Infact I stole, took it from an old library back in High school. The books were about to be burnt anyway …and no! Not academic fire. Nobody used to read them, in exception of my old pal Jones and I.That’s why I doubt if any bookshop will have it.but you can still try your luck at the libraries. Mostly the old government ones, the ones that were around during colonial times. It is a book you should expect to find on a moulding shelf next to a newspaper detailing the progress of the Berlin conference or the crowning of Elizabeth II .wamathai tells me Nairobi library charges only 20 bob per year …mbao!lumba! Baûni!! Seriously!!! And it never crowds up? Ntaenda kuona.kusoma.

Oh and I just remembered why my brain keeps telling me that the book was written by a man! It is because there are no emotional scenes therein. Yeah, the descriptions are just plain ..
No female feelings …but still …there is no sex scene …not even a suggestive one.which makes me wonder. …can a man really leave that out? …maybe the author is not a man …but I’m sure it isn’t a woman! Hmmmn …strange ..maybe …is there concrete proof on the non-existence of Extraterrestrial beings?

Well, having persevered reading to this point, I’m sure you are wondering why the heck this had to be written. It is because I can’t do much interesting things listening to music, going through boring status updates or stolen  tweets or texting my girlfriends …all that because my phone is off. Yep !! Kenya power is showing us just how powerful it’s power of darkness is …ramming us from behind …bila lube…for a whole week ….oh and in that book I was talking about, Shakespeare writes his first play with the light of a dieing candle …get the point?

courtesy of Storyzetu

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