These roads we travel:
they are rough and uphill,
but we do not retreat
we do not surrender
even when the soles of our feet hurt
even when our water bottles run dry,
and our lips & throats are parched from thirst
we strive
we climb
we do not lose sight of the mountain peak

it rains.
And when it rains,it pours
and these roads become steeper & slippery.
And when it rains we cry to release our frustrations,
our tears mix with the rain to water the earth.
We are one with the earth.
When it rains,
our tears and the rain cool our sore feet,
the rain falls to our lips and our thirst is quenched.
We trudge uphill
expanding the sights of our horizons
sizing and stretching the boundaries of our faith,
-all this while-

as we fight the torment of our fears and doubts,
as we battle with the demons
suppresing and surrounding from all
sides, as we weep in the silence of the night
or in the middle of the day;
in the scorching sun
when we don’t know if we should cry some more
or smile as we weep
when we see our tears turn to dust in mid-air,
as we hurt and pain:-
we are cleansed and purified and polished.

We run and walk and crawl uphill
all this while hoping these paths lead to heaven.

We slide,
we fall,
we stumble downhill
-we suffer the humiliation of a possible rejection-
still we rise up
with dust-filled faces
(-what are we, us humans? What are we?)
and we trudge uphill.

This hill;
this life.
Our portion,our confusion.
The dome that is our exile,
we are imprisoned within mortality
yet we suffocate the freedoms of mortality in order to attain immortality.
We trudge uphill.
We do not lose sight of the peak.
We long to see His Face

ยฉ Moraa Ong’angi

courtesy of Storyzetu

0 Responses

  1. AJ Barlow says:

    Great description of the struggle to stay Faithful and the opposition one faces in the quest of seeing “His Face” Thanks so much for sharing this.

    1. Daisy Moraa says:

      You’re welcome..glad you’ve related to it.

  2. great poem Daisy… it started my day positively ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Daisy Moraa says:

      My pleasure ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Lisa Caroline W says:

        i love it…you are officially my favourite poet

  3. Lisa Caroline W says:

    i love itโ€ฆyou are officially my favourite poet

    1. Daisy Moraa says:

      That makes you my official number one fan *cheers*

  4. manenomatamu says:

    Thanks for this deep poem, Daisy. I am completely smitten with the picture accompanying it. Are you the gifted photographer behind it??

  5. Daisy Moraa says:

    Thank you.you are welcome & no,I’m not the photographer ๐Ÿ™‚

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