When you see me talk,
I don’t just talk,
when you see me walk,
I dont just walk,
I walk the talk.

When you walk the talk,
we listen when you talk.
You become the topic of our talk.
We want to talk your talk,
then follow in your walk.
Them that find pleasure in talk,
find console in talk.
They just talk,
never to walk.

I am not dissing talk.
see, you were paralysed before,
now you are cripple that can talk.
Stand up from that wheelchair of talk,
you got to walk,
look at how we walk,
they like how we walk.
They are asking how we walked.

Thats easy,
we first talked.
So talk, talk and talk,
but be careful what you talk,
For you always have to walk.
So walk and walk and walk
and walk.

© Benson Mwangi


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