I come from a place where there isn’t any milk or honey.
where the roads flow from one corner to the other covering what is left of the earth.
I come from a place where the poet is cool,
where the calm and collected are few
where the feuds are solved with an eye for an eye
and where the member of Parliament rules.

We live and die,
make sacrifices and almost cry
we are selfish and sometimes wise
we are lost and still manage to find ourselves.
so I come in the form of written words,
to ask why ..

I come from a place where no one will read my lines
I am the author of controversy.
I am the piece the editor will delete
I am the source of the secrets that’ll heal,
But it doesn’t matter,
because we are at war
and the only thing constant in the universe is our existence ..
For everything evolves
and gets more dangerous or of lesser value.
We Change from just humans to
The urbanites…

© Achieng Odhiambo


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