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The Pickpocket In Church

A pickpocket was caught in church today. The pickpocket only identified as Snatchy was caught in the Catholic Church of Nowapi. He was caught by a pregnant nun as he tried to snatch her Bible which was the only copy in the church.
The pickpocket was then man(and woman)handled by a gay couple who frog-marched him outside the church. Snatchy was found to have stolen 3 packets of condoms, a 45 bead rosary and a mobile phone; that had a naked woman as the wallpaper, in addition to cash.
What was least surprising was the fact that Snatchy had stolen more money in a single day than all the money the church had collected as offertory this month. On realizing that, the priest was quick to chide his congregation who were busy beating Snatchy on the steps of the church. His pleas for forgiveness and repentance fell on deaf ears as loud mouths told of how he’d burn in hell. Snatchy was later rescued by 2 police officers who he was working with.

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