The man inside me Is screaming out to the world to pay attention Asking the world to set him free and let him be Let him be who he wants to be The man inside me Is strong yet weak He is proud yet meek The man inside me wants you to see past me Wants you to look deep into me and find him He is a man full of love A man who believes in the one above The man inside me is heartbroken yet he tells me to cry not for him The man inside me absorbs all my pain and weeps Yet tells me to smile the man inside me has a lot of fear But then fear leads to bravery For there’s a difference between fear and cowardice and a coward is simply ruining his pride The man inside me tells me to control my desires Makes me a gentleman Not a ladies man A slave to fall in ladies hands. the man inside me is still a part of me Look in me Get to know me And you will see The man inside me. @bzartony.

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