In all that I was, am, shall be, I am not
you. I am non-corporeal, what you
think is me is a sad delusion. I have
never known what it is to be mortal yet
what you see has died. I am not within
this shell it is merely a puppet that on
occasion accommodates my hand. It is
not me, it refuses me often so that
when I start to truly see the puppet
shakes like a beast and forces me out.
What kind of creature is ruled by fear?
Only a creature, a man knows no fear
for his soul is eternal and only his
body knows what it is to fear. when I
feel fear I know that what I fear is a
mortal concern or a lie that my soul will
do naught but reject. Be holy not pure,
know all things accept all yet hang on
nothing for eternity will not stop its
flow. Stop my flow and I am not dead
yet for that moment I am unconscious
and that moment I have wasted
indeed. Believe not dogma and your
growth is unrestrained. Yet believe all
and you are but a fool. Learn to feel
each thing for what it is and accept it
for that. Do not put a square peg in a
round hole. No one thing is the
answer to all. Each thing is its own
answer and your soul is the key to
your understanding of it. To learn what
it is to be human is to learn the art of
being a corpse while fearing the fate
that you have already achieved. To be
a person is to be a soul and know
what is to be known in that moment
through yourself not your prison.
You are not a shell,you are the infinite

© Aisha Salim

courtesy of Storyzetu

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