The Government Spokesperson,

A man of decent education

And laudable upbringing;

Trained in religion and social mores,

And of good standing among his peers-

Lies freely through his teeth,

Like a moron out on the street, or some

News-monger, at a roadside rumor session

An expert of nice talk, he’s quick to pronounce,

The State’s many successes and unlikely future achievements,

Spinning us ridiculous yarns, dishing up implausible excuses-

While deftly sidestepping its raft of woeful failures:

Declaiming against the usual suspects,

Journalists, oppositionists, hyperactive civil activists;

Those unpatriotic busybodies and killjoys,

Out to besmirch his employers’ sterling reputation.

Shrugging of the pang of guilt he feels:

The mental tussles between conscience and will;

Weaving a lie with another, convoluting the truth further,

Wriggling free with yet another, appearing foolish in the process-

Devaluating his doctorate, the accolades, his last shred of dignity,

Shaming his parents, his peers, the wise sages who schooled him-

Explaining it all away, in lengthy language lacking in logic,

And in vacuous verbiage, replete with the regular garbage!

Copyright Kevin Orato

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