She loved him. She really did. He was the perfect gentleman. Never had she seen and felt a love like his and every girl that met him told her she was lucky and she in turn guarded him like a trophy; couldn’t let anyone in a skirt get close to him. But now she didn’t know what to do. She was in a dilemma.

Teddy was at the door a bouquet of roses at his feet a box of chocolate in his shaking arms. How could she have cheated on him? Hadn’t he done everything for this girl yet here she was a blank expression on her face and that of Kim her neighbor both naked in bed a pack of used condoms on the floor.

Kim was equally confused he knew he had hurt an innocent Guy whose face with each passing second didn’t look so innocent turning from one color to a very bright red. He started to look around for an escape route but it was blocked by Teddy. Linda was thinking fast: she couldn’t lose Teddy. It would kill her but what would she say when the picture before Teddy was worth more than a thousand apologies and excuses.

Teddy was feeling an emotion he hadn’t experienced since the day his grandmother had been raped and killed and now it was all coming back to him his hairs were erect and his breathing was heavy. He was about to spill blood but all of a sudden he started laughing. He laughed hysterically laughing himself to tears. Then he took the roses and chocolate threw them at the two cheaters and said “Good guys never win. Enjoy yourselves.”

With that he left leaving two confused ashamed and confused naked guys never to be seen. Next they heard of him he was in jail sentenced to imprisonment for wife battering.

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  1. hellen masido mwambi says:

    When you are good don’t expect everyone to return the favor. Life is a Bitch!hehe!Too bad for this guy though!

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