What did he say??

I am insane??

Crazy? Mad? Unhinged? Demented?

I believe he said all that…

When I was nibbling his pen like a carrot

Singing Christmas carols

When I started calling him “Papa”

Hahaha!! I called him “Papa”!!

Then fell on the floor…

Pretending to be swimming….

Then I saw the tilapia fish

Was I not glad!!

Grabbed his stethoscope-fishing line


Took the hook-paper clip

And went fishing

Caught my tilapia-his shoe

And put it in a sufuria-his vase

And began cooking-adding water

That’s when he looked at me

The startled, knowing face.

Didn’t take my temperature,

Not a stool or blood test,

Didn’t shine a spotlight in my eyes,

He just looked at me and committed me

to a mental facility

“He’s crazy, demented, and insane, mad, unhinged!!”

That’s what the doctor said

I was finally going to meet my father

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