They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Guess they forgot to include a mind running away from harsh realities. I was in my room the other day taking a rest after a Marathon of lectures when I got that feeling. It comes at around this time but not always and this time it was strong. I couldn’t just ignore it. Without thinking twice about what I was about to do I whipped out my phone,scrolled through the phonebook and saw her number and typed…..

“Hi would you mind giving me some company now?”

“No I can’t. I’m in class ”

“Just skip this one class for me”

“Teddy you have to grow up.I know what you want and I’m not giving it to you.call me when you open your eyes”

I tried texting her back but she didn’t reply. Then it got me thinking. Have I stooped that low? She wasn’t my girlfriend. Just a friend I’d slept with once or twice and here I was practically begging for sex. Had I forgotten all the values that my mother taught me,values the church taught me?what was happening to me….. I’m yet to answer that question and it still nags me at the back of my mind. What happened to my morals. I suggest you ask yourself that too. You never know until you do.


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