If I respect your opinion,
And you respect mine,
We’ll do just fine.
Discourse leads to compromise in time

There is seldom need for a bull in a china shop
Force, facing fragility brings progress to a
Full Stop.
Before it’s had a chance to be heard.
Though too far from here to hear,
There is a herd,
One of whose members is fallen and butchered
Before 36 pounds of heart reaches
Full Stop.

Over 11 million ksh for one kilo of horn,
And a maximum possible fine of 40,000ksh.
I guess certain risks in the industry are real, but
Pay someone for the dirty work.
It’s literally a steal.

City ya raha, is
The Port of The East Coast.
But we’re leaving it to Malaysia to catch our smuggling boats.
In the name of hard worked for, soap stone goddesses,
Whose images are actually carved out of the carcases
From where they once came.

Again, there is no need to have a bull in a china shop.
These smuggler’s raids rape a service sector that is 63% of our trade.
All they need to consider is sources for gun powder implements’,
They’re only up against a government, that never implements.
So we are implicate,
in gigantic profit, that knowingly impoverishes
the Black, the Red, the Green and the White.

This game of horns and tusks,
Is a thorn in the tasks
That an entire nation is geared to achieve.
Our 3 ton mothers are being cut open,
Before gestation completion,
Crushing beneath them, the archaic
Flimsy laws, on which they are leaning.

We are custodians of national treasure.
The loss of which, immeasurable.
It takes 1.8 years to make a baby elephant.
And that’s something that none of us can do.
So, before 2020 finds their population through.

We Will STOP!

Allowing any part of our majestic
Bulls and Cows
To find their tombs in any Chinese shops.
There is NEVER a need for a Bull in a China shop.


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