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The Anti-Gay Agenda

In the past 3 weeks, I have been hit on by three gay men. Process that. I need to say early on, that I am neither gay nor a sympathiser of the gay community. If anything, I am against the whole gay notion and idea.

With that said, let me say I do not care how many times Binyavanga comes out of the closet, I don’t care if it’s the Pope coming out of his Vatican closet, I will not and cannot support the gay agenda. I find it off and against all laws of nature. I am no preacher or religious fanatic, but the last time I read the Bible, Sodom and Gomorrah were obliterated by fire because of the high number of gay people then.

I find it annoying when people like me are said to be homophobic. Basically, we fear gays and lesbians and other unnatural relationships. It is not a phobia I have. Saying I am homophobic is simply saying I have a genetic disorder. It is grouping me in the category of those who have claustrophobia, agoraphobia and other phobias which are really not their fault. I do not fear gays and lesbians for how they choose to relate. To the contrary, I am against their ideals and beliefs. I do not like how they force their lifestyle onto us normal folks. I do not like that they think they can just hit on any other man just because they think we are open for gay business! They should know their kind.

Let me say I do not care how many times the West condemns Nigeria and Uganda for the laws they have passed against gays calling them “draconian”, “backward” and all manner of negative names. I am with my African brothers shoulder to shoulder on this.

Before 3 weeks ago, I did not give a hoot about gays and their business. I maintained my lane dating girls and all. But when they started hitting on me, it was no longer their business, they effectively entwined me in their norms and that is why I have come out of my anti-gay closet. I am hoping those who have been hitting on me will read this and desist.

Brian Njagi

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect, in anyway, the collective perspective of this blog.

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  1. kyoespeaks says:

    I respect your opinion. I don’t endorse gay relations but I do not use it as a tag for judging others. look around you.. brothers, sons, daughters and even good friends are coming out of the closet. Do we stigmatize them also? The only reason I don’t judge them is because I’m straight and hence do not understand what compels them to act as they do. as long as we respect each other’s boundaries, I will not lose any sleep over someone else’s sexual preferences.

  2. So gays have been hitting on this Brian Njagi guy. He needs to check himself. Maybe there’s something attracting them. Too bad for him.

    1. storyzetu says:

      We are trying to help Brian know what his “attractive factor” is so he can try and tone it down. 😀

      1. Neo says:

        As a certified ‘gayist’ I’d advise Brian to repent for leading us into temptation.

  3. Neo says:

    Oh dear! Unsolicited advice for you super-attractive-Brian-who-has-never-hit-on-a-woman-who-didnt-want-him

    Please take a walk outside, look for beautiful flowers, you might see a butterfly. If you are lucky, you might even see two. Go back into your self-righteous bubble and drink some water. I hope this helps.

    1. Zeeki says:

      I tried. It didn’t 🙁

  4. hellenmasido says:

    I have decided to skip over commenting about the use of the bible cuz we all know what evils the bible perpetrates- so it is hardly a yardstick for morality.
    I wold like however to point to your words :
    “I do not like that they think they can just hit on any other man just because they think we are open for gay business! They should know their kind. ”

    that is exactly how we women feel when we get hit on by men we don’t desire. Have you ever been rejected after approaching a chic? Now read your words aloud and that’s exactly what the chic felt about you.

    Let’s now talk about homophobia – phobia being described as an extreme irrational aversion to something. In which case, anyone using the bible to speak justify their aversion to homosexuals is irrational. Give me logical grounds for anti-gayism but don’t point to “laws of nature”, cuz it ends up sounding like a Hitler speech.

    1. Zeeki says:

      A phobia (from the Greek: φόβος, Phóbos, meaning “fear” or “morbid fear”) is, when used in the context of clinical psychology, a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational. In the event the phobia cannot be avoided entirely, the sufferer will endure the situation or object with marked distress and significant interference in social or occupational activities.
      From this definition of phobia, it first of all means having homophobia is a psychological issue (I feel insulted). I also consider myself rational along with the majority of people who have expressed their opposition to LGBT. With that said, I do not suffer any distress when I see a gay person. I am friends with gay people. The distress comes when I am hit on. On to you Tanye

      1. hellenmasido says:

        Hahahaaaaaaaa! Then you aren’t really anti-gay as you claim in the post; you’re just anti-being-hit-on-by-gays right? The majority of people who oppose LGBTI are far from rational. I notice you skipped on Bible commentary in your follow up comment. ice tact- but I’ll crucify you in a retort to this post! hehe! *rubbing my hands craftily*

        1. storyzetu says:

          We will be waiting for the rebuttal Masido

  5. gathonimware says:

    I dont know who Brian is, but I have had both gay and anti-gay friends. They are both good people. If the laws of Kenya should change to suit them, why is it that the forces have to be provoked by the western culture? Do they have the rates of HIV cases that we have? Do they have the high number of children prostitutes and high rates of unemployment that we have? Please! With their level of sexual education and high development, counselling centres and all, they have taken a good number of years to allow the gay rights. They have waited until the timing was ‘right’. Why are they pushing us? Even if half a million Kenyans come out of the closet, the general population is not ready to bear the consequences. We still need time to reduce the flag high HIV epidemic and prostitution. As it is, we have many other problems to take care of. No one should push us t do anything we are not ready for. We didnt push things on them. The facts are ours to weigh, the consequences are ours to bear in the long run.

    1. Neo says:

      Eish and now this ‘general population’ argument!

    2. Zeeki says:

      I will not reduce the power of this comment by commenting. Thank you Gathoni

  6. nyaran says:

    Sorry that you fear homosexual people. Fear comes from nescience. Get to know them, master your fear, and become a better person.
    And why do it the “Western” way? The global North took its time with gay rights. So why not doing it differently?

    1. Zeeki says:

      I agree with you. Let’s do it the African way. I’m sure someone will ask what is the African way

  7. Taka Safi says:

    Here’s is another man’s opinion on the same matter but with a different take http://www.takasafi.com/compete/gay-binyavanga-kwani/

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