They say man is slow to think and swift to judge.I’ve seen it come to true in the last one month. Friends and family turn against you in the blink of an eye.”pregnant you say? Huh? How dumb can you get? ” such statements follow me.they haunt me everywhere I go.I try to find words to explain. Am a writer, am a poet, I can never lack words but this, this is different. How do you show people that you’re simply human that I have my own weaknesses that………..sigh.it’s now too much to bear.tears streak down my cheeks.yea I know it’s embarrassing, uncomfortable actually to say that u cry sometimes about it. My Roommate has grown fond of my insomnia. I simply can’t sleep, I fear my dreams not the Martin Luther type of dream but my shattered dreams.seems I have to pick the pieces up and glue my dreams afresh but the glue is my family and friends but they ain’t here they’re seated across the fence pointing at me, laughing at me, mocking me.me.me.me.me. me a word I am learning to value daily.me. me is I and those with me.there is me in team.I shall carry my team and take them on a journey with me let the mocks be distant echoes Coz for me a new world beckons.a world without a facade for a family and plastic friends. It’s mental torture but  is this what I’m destined for? Quick judgment from people? “Look at him” they say “someone is gonna have his baby ” then they laugh.evil laughs but I’ve seen it all now. My mind ain’t the same it’s somewhat stronger and I know there will be no more mental torture.  @bzartony

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