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WE’RE PREGNANT- (An anecdote)

The events of the last week flashed through Tim’s mind ; mama screaming in his head, papa throwing his hands at him and his friends laughing at him and giving him “the look”. That look that told you of the many times they wished you fall, the wonder and delight at how low you’ve now gone.

But amidst all this Tim couldn’t forget Linda. Couldn’t forget how she came to his house silent and slow.

“ Tim, can I come in?” she’d asked and he had sensed something was wrong. She hadn’t kissed him; hadn’t even as much as hugged him. Just walked in and sat on the couch.

“ Tim, I’m going to keep this baby. I can’t abort…..” was he hearing right? It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t be happening!

He was about to voice his opinion when he noticed something in her. And then he felt it. It was like he noticed her for the first time and he knew he loved her. Tim walked over to her and embraced her wanting to cover her and protect her for it was the beginning of a battle, an emotional battle.

@Tonny Muchui

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  1. Lucy karimi says:

    Thats real love

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