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Take Down The LCDs on KICC


“Eureka!!” James leaped from his chair knocking his brains out

“What is it?” Faith asks

“I just had the brightest idea of my life!” James says kissing the ceiling with his eyes

“Aha…” Faith demands, swiveling round her executive chair to have a better look at James

James sits. Then vomits the worst idea of the decade. “How about… we put up LCD screens at the neck of KICC and advertise from there?”

Faith stares at him. Mouth dropping faster than her IQ. “That’s genius! The best idea I ever heard! Woah!”

I am guessing that is how the conversation went. It must have gone that way. How else would it have gone? I don’t expect a boardroom of directors to have deliberated on such an idea while sipping strong tea masala. Livelier ideas have come from boardrooms. Such an idea can come from a person bored by life, ready to jump off the next available cliff. Such ideas are caused by indigestion and eating too much. They need to be sent to the recycle bin and immediately deleted to avoid embarrassment to the human race lest an alien stumble upon the idea.

I mean, who puts advertisements on their national monuments? Kenya has outdone itself this time. Imagine an ad on The Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. Absurd! How will tourists take photos next to KICC without feeling stupid? It looks ugly with that bright collar around it. The Norwegian architect who designed KICC would feel insulted looking at it now. Especially during the night, it looks like a lighthouse of sorts, the torch of Nairobi. Honestly, had this idea come from our National Assembly, it would be right at home. I am sure our parliamentarians are feeling terrible now that somebody outdid them in coming up with stinking ideas. They must have put up a WANTED sign for James.


This is what methinks, those LCD screens should be taken down now! The torturous thought of having them around for the next 3 years will make me book myself in an asylum and draw pumpkins on the wall. When Kenya is celebrating 50 years, the least we can do is give the citizens a chance to have decent pictures with the most recognizable building in East Africa without having to crop it or photoshop it.


5 Responses

  1. Bizstler Inc says:

    Its not the Tower of Liberty, but rather the statue of liberty. And I support the idea that Kenya sold it soul long ago to the highest bidder.

    1. storyzetu says:

      Thank you for the correction. The post was written in a tinge of anger. Correction will be made

      1. Bizstler Inc says:

        I can understand, some taking a national monument like that and playing with it.

  2. kimani wandaka says:

    brilliant Brian!…you’ve outdone yourself…u really made me want to grab a pen.

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