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Stolen Dance

she stole a dance for me,
said i wait for her on that second
an entry together make,
took my best saved,
a night in memories be thought
rode vintage wheels to the hall,
kept busy watching the clock tick,
turns made,
never her slippers heard on that
silent night,
just hi’s and helloss from many a
braving a night sting,
hoping anytime an appearance
make she would..,
the moon took high unto the
dark skies,
a walk the only solution left,
so pain and a hurting soul a feet
past concrete walls and green
shivering through the midnight
vegence a drip from the eyes,
then blue red lights,
and a wailing from a far,
sirens air filled with each step,
the skies opening,
heavenly pours a pave to
a mangled wreck lay awaiting a
covered bag on a stretcher away
heard she tried a call to make,
something on an apology for
running late,
before screeches then a loud
a breath could not hold,
so much pain in her last stare,
weak knees was all i had,
choking on self tears,
from a smoke still rising,
to a dance that never was,
rest well my love,
this heart a ages will take to
these scar forever to heal,
and the memories never shared,
those that did fade in
unwelcome tears,
shall be made next to angels,
to melodies from golden

© Skillz tha Poet

courtesy of Storyzetu

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