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Silver Dance (Josy W)

will let you know of this my
that a scorpion a scare get,
a rattle snake a dance on my
kisses in hisses,
such tales ain’t to be told by my
a desert sand long missed,
but today you breathed life to a
dying thought,
many a hours tick tock death
to get this quil on milk running,
spilt in awesome desires,
it be strange fair maiden,
that this to you i scribe,
in a journey long and a setting
a moon wanting to awaken,
yet a cloud anytime would open,
barely do i such courage find,
makes thank you a word
hope you remind me to rock a
say in next a dream you i meet,
for such sweetness a honeydale
appreciat would,
hopefully heavens permit this,
to know angels need not any
white horses,
to toast in a merry meeting,
golden wings a shelter,
but till the happy hour us finds,
have this my imagnational rose,
that by silver gloves be picked,
this just for you,
let it open to such dreams you


courtesy of Storyzetu

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