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From this post, I received quite a number of questions on where to shop and how reasonable those places are. Here is a list I have compiled for second hand clothes and where to get them cheap (some need additional info so feel free to add your suggestions in a comment.)

First , there are lots of second hand markets in Nai top on my list being

  • TOI
  • NAIROBI STREETS (Tom Mboya, Ronald Ngala)

Hawkers have taken shopping to a whole new level by doing guerilla selling on the streets. And while they are a nuisance because they fill up the already crowded streets, I love shopping and would gladly tolerate them any day. Kanjo don’t share my sentiments so don’t quote me!

http://sabahionline.com/shared/images/2013/01/04/kenya-nairobi-vendors.jpgphoto sorced from: http://sabahionline.com/shared/images/2013/01/04/kenya-nairobi-vendors.jpg

Secondly, there are rules on how to shop mitumba – Nairobi style

1-      Don’t buy anything above 500 bob unless it is to die for – literally. Many Nairobi sellers got the memo that people equate expensive to quality. This is not the case and these shoes are my evidence.

photo source : http://images02.olx.co.ke/ui/18/56/94/1357816075_470865294_7-Cute-doll-shoes-Kenya.jpg

They go for around 500 bob and above (my sis loves them to death ) and they always come apart somehow. If you are to spend on sth, you may as well spend on something that will actually last!

2-      Be adventurous n Walk around ; don’t be lazy. Lazy people are the ones who get swindled then complain about how life is expensive.

3-      Bargain – there is no second hand item that has a fixed price! Never accept the asking price- unless it’s a pair of shoes costing 50 bob( in which case you have a serious problem if you want to bargain that price )

4-      Have fun shopping n be nice to sellers. I do not mean flash your boobs or that sort of thing but most sellers are good-natured and even if you tease their high prices and move on, they might consider lowering the price further if you pass by again.

So now we are set, here is a list of places and prices:

trench coats- 150-500- GIKOMBA
2000-3000- NGARA

Office coats- 100-200- GIKOMBA
200-300- NGARA

Leather -1000 and above- MUTHURWA
500-1000- GITHURAI (in its hey day- I dont know currently)

20-50 bob- GIKOMBA
100-300- NGARA
50-100- GITHURAI
20-100- TOI


100 onwards- GITHURAI
50 onwards- GIKOMBA


Doll shoes
100-300- GITHURAI
40 onwards- GIKOMBA (early morning)
200-800- NGARA
100-200- Tom Mboya and Ronald Ngala streets ( evening)

100-800- GITHURAI
200 onwards- NGARA

High heels
50 onwards- GIKOMBA
100 onwards – GITHURAI
100-200- NAIROBI STREETS (evening)
200 onwards – NGARA ( 50- 100 at night)

10-100 – GIKOMBA
100 onwards- NGARA
50 onwards- GITHURAI
20 onwards- TOI

50 onwards- GIKOMBA
200 onwards- NGARA
100 -500- GITHURAI (most cost between 200-300)

 10-30 – GIKOMBA
20-50- TOI

Gikomba is without doubt the mother of all Nairobi markets and I cannot thoroughly exhaust all items you can get there because there is so much.  If you want the best bargains there, go very early in the morning (before 7 am); be sure you’ll get great stuff at ridiculous prices.

Nairobi streets are the opposite. Buy stuff in the late evening (6p.m. onwards) to get great bargains.

Markets like Githurai have undergone revamping thanks to the county council so now they are no longer selling anything anywhere they please like they used to (good old days) – they are paying for space so their prices might have hiked a little.


  • all prices are in Kenyan shillings
  • this list is based on shopping at daytime unless where time is stated
  • Its also based 99.9% on shopping for female items. sorry guys 🙁


I couldn’t stop myself from adding this to avid readers of novels and mags

–          Novels- 80-500 bob- Tom Mboya Street

There is a guy next to GAMING INTERNATIONAL who sells NEW bestsellers at 300 bob (he has really awesome books!)

–          Other books e.g self help etc – 500 and above

–          Magazines- 100 – 300 bob (Tom Mboya next to Tuskys Daima-The guy has variety like you won’t believe!)

And am done! Any tips you have on shopping in Nai? Share! Share!

20 Responses

  1. storyzetu says:

    And for those living in the diaspora, Rongai has the Muthurwa depot in Kware.

  2. hehe this was good.Been a fan of G-mall (gikomba) and one has to know the exact places to get good stuff.Be there as early as 6am (I cant so go at 8am).If one does not know the Good corners he/she will either get lost, a little bit higher prices and less better stuff. Ngara became quite “expensive” and people who don’t want to go all the way to G-mall settle for Ngara.

    1. storyzetu says:

      Thanks, glad you liked it 🙂 Gikomba is G-MALL huh? I thought it was only Ngara renamed to ENGARASHA. Maybe that’s why its getting expensive!I have been to Gikomba severally and I still haven’t gotten round to all corners of the market!Cant believe how huge that market is!

      1. It is the largest shopping mall in Nairobi and you can get anything for a brand new house. LOL at the thought of that.It is the only place I have gone with gumboots to shop.I think anyone who goes there must have a change of attitude because you got to be rough and hard headed to manage the hustle and bustle.i should write an experience at G-mall one day.

        1. storyzetu says:

          Gumboots! hahahaaaaaa! Some people should take a leaf from you. I recently saw a chic in high heels at Gikomba- wobbling bags full and all; and am like “Really?! Heels? in Gikosh?”

          1. heels?!I cant.I would prefer drudging in those streets with my feet comfy..and safe from being stepped on especially

          2. storyzetu says:

            True that!Especially since these beba beba guys are so rough and push their mkokoteni all over the place!

    2. michelle says:

      where exactly are the good corners? i have never been there but i want to go soon

  3. dee says:

    i dont know those good corners
    i wish i did
    btw is 6 a.m not too early????
    is it safe by that tym

    1. StoryZetu says:

      6 am I have to say is not safe but this is the time when whole sellers go to get their merchandise. If you can get company the better but you are really just better off going at 7 onwards. Things dont get too expensive in Gikomba after all.

  4. maureen says:

    i want some 1 who cn supply me wth pretty dresses at wholesale price am in ksm ma contacts 0718597515250 or 300 n al.buy lyk 30 to 40 dresses.maureen

    1. Betty says:

      Hi Maureen, I buy first hand dresses from Gikomba and sometimes ngara and toi markets
      I can supply you with the dresses you want
      Kindly send me your email address or email me more details of the category you want so that I can do so


    2. peter says:

      I have kinds of used clothes,like women’s dress,bras,etc for sale and export, pls contact me,Email:peterjianko@gmail.com

  5. Ruth says:

    I want someone to supply trench coats to Eldoret. My number is 0724372529

    1. peter says:

      I have kinds of used clothes for sale and export, pls contact me,Email:peterjianko@gmail.com

  6. Alex says:

    Great ..! I wasnt awhere of the prices.

  7. peter says:

    I have large amount used clothes fro sale and export, pls contact me,Email:peterjianko@gmail.com

  8. Harriet says:

    yu guyz are making me laugh, I have neva bn there bt yuv sykd me up. al soon be there

  9. need trench coats in kco ma no 0714565420 orkiptookurgat104@yahoo.com

  10. Masai Duncan says:

    Damn i wish they had as many guys stuff as chicks!!!…
    Love ur post though..big up…

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