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SCREWED (spoken word)

I can also write notes, I choose not to,
breath easy he says, I choose not to,
you choose to play me, I choose to slay you,
mentally, maybe spritually, make Jesus hate you,so on judgment day, you choose to name me,
so satan lays me , maybe rapes me, hold up!
we forget we humans, you choose to judge,
choose to choose like the whore who willingly satisfies her lust,
so like thee comes first,
like my way to heaven I think gives me smiles, and the way you read between the lines to get,
whats right,
about this whole verse,yea..thats right,
so I apologize, I didnt mean to diss you,
maybe its just the way I miss booze,
I miss the way normal moves to another planet, alien..
no I mean alienated, my voice falsetted,
I could sing rap along to the illest shit..
I mean I could really rap, believe in dreams,
remember, when we used to hang with the crew while we smoked on new shit
listened to the hot tracks shaking our
heads to the wack hits that made it to radio,
getting low with Don before he got
before everything got lost,
before we knew our worth, to the
learnt words like haki yetu,
see how naive we was?
see how little things like responsibility passed us by,
how politicians are sly,
how when that bitch said you was fly,it felt right?
yeah it felt right,
because then, being a lesbian was cool,
and the husband who beat on his wife was a fool,
you didnt have to go to school to get some food,
but the celebrity still got you screwed,
got you pregnant and screwed you some more,
listened to that guy die while you filled the hospital forms in the name of protocol,
scams n cons for common folks,
tax and bans, hunger and drought
with united hands,
poetic fans, with fashion flaws and
blings we flash,
promise of better industries we know we fucked!!
so say im crashed!
because i am, tired of whats going on,
while we speak how we speak,
oh yeah she does spoken words
more like words are dwarfed,
more like poet laugh,
poet peace, poet heal, poet preach,
how bout poet hate, and poet diss.
poet breath foul air and kiill all people pleeeaasee….
Because either way we screwed!!
oh yea..i hear im suppose to finish this piece with PEACE!!!

© Achieng Odhiambo


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