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If you have never attended a Sarakasi show- and I mean the free ones- you have no idea what you’re missing out on!

Their first show of 2014 (held last Thursday 13th Feb)  was themed “Music meets Circus and Dance” and boy was it a CIRCUS! From daring acrobats flipping skywards on a huge see-saw;  to guys hanging by a thread cloth (literally) and making splits high up above the ground, some of the stunts had me cringing!

And by the way don’t be fooled into thinking the acrobats carried the whole show home. The dancers were tops!And when I talk of dancers, forget sloppy or tired dancers hiding behind others after an hour of dancing. These people dance, no kidding!

I have a pal at Sarakasi (yeah I roll like that) and I know the kind of working out they do so when I say dance, I mean DANCE! Rising, not falling energy and every dancer is on top of his/her game on and off the stage.

I greatly loved the colorful costumes and the animal-themed weaves the ladies had on. I don’t know who dresses them but whoever it is, they are doing fabulous job! Same to the lighting and the music and the drumming- Oh My ! THE DRUMMING! You just must attend a Sarakasi show to understand the obsession!

Sometime into the performances, a friend of mine voiced a major concern that is; what if Sarakasi begun charging for these shows? That would be super tragic…for me and everyone else who has yet to see the stuff they do! Thing is, I really hope they keep doing these free shows-at least while I am still in campus and yet to earn (kila mtu ajitetee!)

But honestly- and this is coming from a chic that gawks at 500 bob entrance fees- I would not hesitate to pay a 1000 bob to watch a Sarakasi show! Forget those ridiculously expensive events you attend to be part of the high-end clique, then end up getting a less-than-worthy unexciting show. I would bet on Sarakasi any day. That’s how awesome they are.


source: https://www.facebook.com/amani.lazima

P.S: This post is full of gushing compliments for Sarakasi and the dark side of me is frowning upon that. So on the bad side, all the 5 Sarakasi shows I have attended so far,have never started on time. I really wish they worked on this. Yeah, that’s the only con I could come up with. *shrugging*

by Hellen Masido

For more photos from the events go to:

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