The age old question that up to this day has not been answered. What do women want? It has turned out to be like the formula for Coca-Cola, we all want to know it; but we won’t. I will not claim to know what women want because I am a woman myself and sometimes I don’t even know what I want. But this is my piece, so I will say what I think.
First, women want to be appreciated. They want to be flattered and told sweet nothings. In some weird and wonderful day, this makes their day. Men have no idea how much effort goes into picking and deciding on a single outfit. This may not be the case for all, but I believe majority are spoken for. It would instantly make any woman’s day better if you told her how good she looks. Simple words, nothing exaggerated and corny, just a simple acknowledgment that her hairstyle looks good, the shoes match her dress (hic).
Women want to be made to feel they are the only things your eyes will see. Sure, we all can’t be as pretty as Cinderella but you are with her for a reason. Aren’t you? If you have to check out other women…well, be subtle about it, have some style! Tell her she’s the most beautiful thing (which may not necessarily be true, but it gives her a sense of security)
DON’T suffocate her with attention. Yes, we all want to feel majestic, but too much of it will smother us. DON’T text her every other time the clock ticks and call her every time the Big Ben chimes. The occasional text to let her know you’re thinking of her will suffice but DON’T overdo it.
She wants to be involved in your life, DON’T leave her out, involve her in your decisions. Just because you wear the pants, you can’t run the show on your own.
Women are sensitive; call a girl fat or ugly and it may scar her for life. The words can hurt, so go easy on the insults and snide comments. Be direct, but gentle, you don’t have to make her cry. We may put on a tough exterior, but inside we’re butter.
To the guys out there, you now know the secret (if there ever was). You can thank me later. Let the games begin!!


“Now we talking baby!!”


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