It’s eerily quiet today. Nobody has called. Not even a text except for the odd Safaricom texts. These people are getting on my nerves.

I hear a sound. It’s the neighbours cat’s that are permanently on cat viagra and they’re “doing it and doing it well…(×2)” outside my window. A sad reminder of my current state of affairs and by affairs I mean of the female variety.

When was the last time I made that creaky face as my body shuddered and “spersmed”?……(crickets) actually the last time things (clothes) went down was when I was with Selena. Sigh. Sweet memories Selena gave me.
Now for those who don’t know Selena lemme introduce you to her.Selena isn’t your typical girl. She is what ordinary and not so desperate boys would call ugly.I on the other hand found her adequate enough. She had pimpled cheeks instead of dimpled, wavy hair of the almost bald variety and a body that was as straight as six o’clock,no bumps. Not that i minded….

Anyway this isn’t Selenas story.it’s mine. Me and my ever so direction lacking thoughts.thoughts like, how would it feel to just eat eggs and smokies to your heart’s/ anus/stomachs delight. Am I the only one with such fantasy? Like why the hell was I born a muggle? And I’m a broke one in a third world country. I’m just a penny away from being living on a dollar a day to living in never seen a dollar in days ….get it? No? Okay float.

These are just my thoughts.
Speaking of thoughts. I had a nightmare that on judgement day God will expose all our thoughts!!! Speak of embarrassing moment in HD!

Anyway let me stop there lest you hate this writer,he’s boring, he knows that for sure but Atleast you know now you ain’t the only insane one here.

Signed sealed and delivered by insanity.

Wiggles bottom and disappears,gangnam style.

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  1. hellenmasido says:

    embarrasing moments in HD! lolest!i just might write a poem/ story about that! hahahaaaaaaa

  2. Yvonne Olga says:

    Lmfao!… I really enjoyed reading this 🙂

  3. Qwerny brendah says:


  4. Pablo West says:

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