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Teddy sat at his stool and looked around the club.everyone dancing and laughing.” Why is everyone so happy? Why? Is somebody giving out free beer.?”kwanza vijana wa siku hizi hata hawachafui meza.Nkt.shenzi type. Na kama wanapeana chupa free why not to me? Kwani is there something wrong with me? Is it my unshaved face?hapaaana.bure kabisa . My wife loves my unshaved face.she’d always scratch it every time we’re done with the naughty naughty stuff……Hehehe. And speaking of the naughty naughty this waitress’s mammary apparatus seem to get larger and larger now.quite bouncy actually.And as my CRE teacher told me,knock and…………”whack “.a slap on the face.now why did she have to do that.I just wanted to have a good look.!just a small touch.what happened to the waitresses who never bothered if we touched here,squeezed there…..hii katiba mpya imeharibu mambo. Nkt is she the only one with them. Shidwe!!tofauti yake na semenya ni smiro tu na miguu amenyoa. And that reminds me.that pastor should stop looking at my wife’s bottom. Kwani anaona sadaka hapo!!! Si Iko wanawake wengi kanithani hawajolewa na wana sitting allowance na pension ya future. Next time I’ll poke him in the eye na nimpe mangumi kama vile ukuta ya mabati iliona ngumi za sonko. Sasa hizi kesha mama mbuthia anaedaga ataacha. Sasa angalia huyu msichana. Unasmilia nani ngui ino! You’re young enough to be my daughter.watu kama wewe naachia kijana yangu. Ubaya ni vire kimeokoka. Yeye akienda out hukunywa softa ndogo mandazi mbili. Lakini Afadhali hivyo. I wouldn’t want him praying for every bottle he takes. I think am drunk. Am I? Lemme count my fingers. 1..2…3….umm….123….hiyo ingine ni gani.?oh four.I think am drunk now.time to go.sitaki kushikwa na mututhoblow.na unajua nikituthya so does my car…. Hic.kwaherini.” P.S: No lady was actually molested in the posting of Teddy’s thoughts.

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