Too Early For Birds- Badassery Edition

The show made a return on 13th & 14th January 2018, at the Kenya National Theatre with fresh stories. 

This time, the team was exploring stories of the Kenyan crime scene. Officers such as Patrick Shaw and Daniel Seronei have gained fame through their crime busting techniques. Their popularity is only rivalled by the gangsters they were hunting down. Some who have been talked about so much it is almost impossible to separate their actual exploits from myths. These are the likes of Wanugu, Wacucu, Matheri, Wakinyonga and Shimoli “the Jackal”. 

In a country that is dealing with heightened levels of crimes and brazen acts of extrajudicial killings, it is important to trace growth of crime in our history. If we don’t learn a thing or two from it, we can at least put a human touch to these stories and see where we have gone wrong, both in creating spaces that allow crime to thrive and in our methods of combating that crime. 

This volume seeks answers to questions like: Is John Kiriamiti’s story most dramatic in the history of Kenyan crime? Has extrajudicial killing of suspects reduced the crime rate? Who are the predecessors of the current gangs such as Gaza and Superpower? 


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