I will not speak of great minds, there is none like an individual’s
Each curved in its own way, unique
and blessed,
I will not quote of sayings and myths,
poetry lines and its poetic wishes,
So phrase my sentencing,
Don’t change a word because I am not like Maya Angelou, or Mahatma Gandhi,
As wise as their words, they are who they are and I am who I am,
I am made in his own liking and not those of another,
I want to speak and have the wisdom of Saul William,
But my soul will not give in, to foreign objects,
those that are not of my own flesh,
Because if I give in to those of the
then I have lost me,
For each word has its way of being
each soul has a way of finding
Each heart has a way of dealing when its alone,
Least to say that we are perfect,
Or acclimatized to a life where speaking in a certain way makes you cool,
Each note has its own melody, like we our own DNA,
Like our mamas and bonds that bind,
or the beggar and the will to be blind,
Like blondes and quoted minds, free willing in speech while looking for my words I hide,
The stage and its spying eyes, prying and changing what’s inside
To phrase my sentencing, say I’m hip to get it out of me,
initiate your girl into afro cliques,
We roll with celebrities and sip on red wine,
While our wrists bear gold and silver,
from Daddy’s credit card,
We got our slang and sheng, the new girl,
Will have to worked the cute guy to speak it..
But I know..i am made in his own
I speak the language of God.

© Achieng Odhiambo


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