There was a sun that shone on my shoulder
Her friendly rays sparkling
Our hands flirted, unashamedly
Drawing love hearts in the profound air
The grass on which our souls dined
Drinking the enriching dew
That spilled its wondrous magic
Upon our naked innocence

Only yesterday
I sat by the ocean shore
Watching you swim
Into the orgasmic oblivion
That was our imperfect sea
Of beautiful dreams

Only yesterday
I dined in the sail of your heart
Now a distant boat,
Fading away gently, yet painfully
Like a sinking ship with gold aboard

Your streets bloomed with colour
Whose vibrance my imprudence killed
Now my sorry eyes break into water
Sail, love, sail
We shall meet
On the other side of uncertainty
If the ocean tides us do not awash

Eric Onyango Otieno (Rixpoet)

featured image source : villagerambler.wordpress.com

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