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In your presence I feel blessed
But I stress
No words come to me
For there is no reason I love
I just do
I fear you because I don’t understand
Try my best
But you’re the most complicated
character I’ve ever met
Your Nos mean yes
You rarely give me a straight answer
Slow to anger
But you close up fast everytime we get
into a deep conversation
I sincerely care and pray for you every
Hoping, wishing, dreaming
Only to wake up in the morning
frustrated in my zone
Dying on my own
Losing sight of my inspiration
My passion, my desire, my motivation
You fit the description of ‘All I want’
Even God works through you to
prolong my joy
I’m so sprung! I remember the first
I even remember the first line.., “How
you doing?”
Played hard to get but you knew I was
Believe it or not
It’s hard to look past you
As Cliché as it may sound, in you my
heart lies
I can see the future
If not me, you’ll end up with a loser
Probably just another guy
From just another band
The “roses are red, violets are blue
When God gave the looks, where the
hell where you?” type of guy
Don’t give me that look, I know what
you like
I’ll say anything to keep you
For I wanna see you smile, happy, with
no regrets
My intentions are good
I can be your icon
The one you fall back on
The right
Given your hand, we can’ t go wrong
I won’t say I’m ‘all that’
Because I’m not
Full stop
My punch line is a dot
Respond so I may finally have peace
U guy.. .

© Pepe Haze

courtesy of Storyzetu

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