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Of sheng and swanglish


It is easy to tell people apart from the various ways that embody our personalities with the most common being the clothes we wear. A suit says you have a white collar job unless you’re papa shirandula. A mini skirt says you wanna get………well I actually don’t know what it says but my body reactions do. And a Mohawk says you my friend need to visit mathare. But this piece isn’t dedicated to clothes it’s all about how we speak.it ain’t about accents although it would make for a nice article. Instead I’m about the two forms of ‘street speak’ trending in Nairobi (sorry Mombasa.)they’re sheng which we all pretend to know and there’s swanglish!!!.ya I know you’re confused. What’s the difference you ask.while sheng is thought to be a mixture of Swahili and English it’s actually a mixture of all the languages in Nairobi although kyuk and luopean dominate it.sheng is the language we used to speak in high school. It constantly changes with each holiday. The coolest kid in the hood comes with new words he’s learned in upcountry high school and makes them look cool.that’s why sheng is a language for watoto wa shule.but swanglish is a completely different matter it’s a university language(excluding those doing education.future teachers are always behind the trends)now don’t go blasting me or anything but walk into any campus in Nairobi approach a chiq.ask her what course she does then engage her in a conversation.you’ll get something like “unajua how, jana, I went to akina Akinyis place.Haki she was looking supuu. ” I said chiqs Coz most university guys talk that way only with their chiqs they wouldn’t be caught dead talking that way while man u is getting thrashed six of the best.example :”Haki Woiye please Rooney si you funga a goal tafadhali. “Would have said more but hey I’m a fresher there’s only so much that a fresher can know.and before I sign out.ladies this thing with tights and condoms(the shoes you dumm)……………………..one word.YUCK!

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