Recently, my pals and I had one of those healthy arguments about religion and as is with the case of religious arguments, we never reached a consensus because according to everyone they were right and the other person was wrong. And it got me thinking- just how far would we go to prove the point that someone of another religion or denomination is wrong and we are right?

I recalled the incident at KENYA HIGH GIRLS SCHOOL where a Muslim student took the administration to court following being forbidden to wear her hijab in school. The school’s defense was that the girl and parent signed a document agreeing to the ban of the hijab and so she should not complain. Of course that’s a huge catch but I ask myself: why would the school administration even put a clause banning someone wearing a piece of clothing that due to her religion, she is obliged to wear? Are we to understand that in other words there are religions that we don’t recognize as important? If you were a form one student accepted into a prestigious school like Kenya high, do you surely expect me not to sign the document that gives me the ticket to learn in the school of my dreams? Hell no! It is unfair to impose such a decision on a young one. What are we teaching our children?

If a Muslim cannot wear her hijab in school, is it right for a catholic to wear her rosary or is that also viewed as an ornament because to you, its means nothing?
Are we then to shut out kids from some religions based on their religious practices? Are we supposed to tell a Sikh that he or she should desist from wearing their turbans or else leave the school?
Religious intolerance starts somewhere and its right here. When you hear about religious clashes in Nigeria and all that bloodshed, it started with believing that my religion is different from yours and I insist that you are wrong and I am right. Hasn’t there been enough intolerance and bloodshed to make us learn to coexist? Christians, Muslims are going nowhere anytime soon. Protestants and Catholics, no one or the other is leaving so you might as well learn to get along.

Just because you don’t agree with another person’s religious views doesn’t mean you have to make them feel inadequate or discriminate them. Everyone has their own beliefs and it’s about time we all woke up and realized that I will not leave my religion because you treat me like a devil. If you treat another human like dirt because you think that they are the source of all evil, look inside yourself and you’ll find the real devil.

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  1. thengartia says:

    A great post,people need to realize that religion is individual. That’s why Even the major religions have split , but I’m appalled you termed one of the most septic arguments I’ve seen as ‘healthy’

    1. storyzetu says:

      It was a healthy argument because we were not on each others necks. Some arguments are worse Ngartia.

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