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Venue: Courtyard, National Museums of Kenya. Nairobi.

Date: 21st – September -2013

Time: 7:30 pm

Tickets: 500 KeS

#ocuppyNairobi is the title for this year’s stir-up, the premium event at the Storymoja Hay Festival . Last year, The School Bell Rang .  This year, a storm is brewing deep in the oceans of art. Poseidon will come visiting on the 21st! Do you have your lifeboats ready?

We are taking over Nairobi and turning her into a Muse. Then painting a historical masterpiece that will shake, fascinate and inspire you to the core of your perception. Yes, I am damn sure about that!

We are fusing elements of Spoken Word, Rap, Graffiti, Urban Afro-soul, Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll to make the paint.

Poetry and music the painters, the brushes will include:

Abu Sense



• Dissi

El Poet

G-cho Pevu

Kennet B





Samo and The Almighty

Tear Drops

The undeniably awesome Warsan Shire and The Sonnetman  will accompany them. As Mutua Matheka , arguably Nairobi’s finest photographer, launches a special cut of his film. Complemented by H_art The Band  and Just A Band . Under the direction of one Elsaphan Njora.

This is massive folks!!! Prepare to #PushHeaven  in collaboration with Naked Pizza  and Urban Bites .

The hashtags to watch are: #occupyNairobi #SMHayfest #HeroesVsRats #imaginetheworld

You can get your tickets here or reserve them here

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  1. zeekki says:

    Reblogged this on zeekki and commented:
    Off to the Storumoja Hay Festival…join the Bandwagon

  2. zeekki says:

    Ought to be here…the array of artists is immaculate

  3. Jefe says:

    Loving this….

    1. storyzetu says:

      awesome! share! share 🙂

  4. storyzetu says:

    Dontcha dare miss 😀

    Thanks for the reblog.

    1. hellenmasido says:

      i missed last year’s and didnt hear the end of it from my pals! >:-! this year i will move mountains to be there!

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