Blow that trumpet for that boy who has been molested but it does not derail him from achieving his goals

Beat that drum for the girl that was raped and still wants to make the best out of her life

Let the fiddler play that violin for the woman who is constantly battered by her husband and chooses to speak up and fend for her children

Strum that guitar for the teenage girl married off,actually sold to the highest bidder just so the dowry can sustain the family but still fights for her rights

Hit those notes on the piano for the young men and women who turned to drugs because they consider that their safe haven and still express willingness to get help and be better in society

Play that harp for the lost souls.
Let them know,I know they have tried to search for themselves amidst those tears that keep trickling down their faces

Sing and let them know they are
thought of and though it is not always enough,it’s really the thought that counts

Let them know their strength is
admired and though I don’t
understand where it comes from,I look up to them for inspiration

Despite flashes of dark memories
clouding their thoughts everyday,enough to lead them to end
their lives but they choose the light.

This is for you.I have a hero in you.

© Nana Ibrahim


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