Before u were, I was
The world depends on me
My mind is what you see
Fully supported by trust, the body
Hard to collect by some, those who are
blind despise me
Hate walking searching in circles
From a distance, I’m easy to reach
A complex puzzle but if you listen
You will detect the truth from spoken
Not easily heard, so read
You’re full of promise, question
Those who know me will feed you
Take what you need from them
And get back on the path I set for you
I am peace so you will know when
you’re walking in the wrong direction
My enemy seeks to destroy
So stick with company that longs to
build and protect
Be patient, it’s easy to get upset
Remain calm when facing trials
You live in the past, I completed history
Seriously consider what I say
Nothing worth fighting for comes easy
I’m hard to get
The ultimate catch
It’s a reality I have no match
Not a star
I go beyond
I am the light
Years away
The greatest treasure anyone can
Free for all
When you fall
If you call
In the midst of darkness you will see
my face
I am hope
Those who believe, I will save
Those who don’t, I will wave
Goodbye or hi, it’s all the same
My door is open until the end of time

©Pepe Haze

courtesy of Storyzetu

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