It comes from the place my soul
Taking no prisoners, straight to the mind.
Thoughts in a race, I pander about my way
Engulfed in the speed, trudging out my ‘endless’ day.
No need for food, no time to sleep.
Constant Adrenaline pumps, my mind it feeds.
I fix the light bulb, I solve the Riemann Hypothesis,
I end world hunger, I am the
Living in a haze, images before my eyes,
Speed and danger with which time flies,
Spun around and strewn, in lie’s walls I lie
That I am better than anyone else.
Fed with arrogance, paying no listen to the whisper of the leaves.
I am the Universe, I am the lie.
Then all of this crashes in my face.
It lets go of me and I hit the ground,
Buried under the weight of my mind,
Darkness and indecision linger far too long,
Caving in under pressure, my fears unwound.
Suffocating all, strangling the very place it came from,
As it weaves my brain to death.
I am the cipher.

© Njeri Geteria


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