The line between lust and love is never clear. You never know when what you thought was love is actually lust and when lust turns into love. It’s because of such situations that you see Facebook relationship statuses as ‘complicated’.it’s a battle between your heart and your crotch.

In most cases people judge that the crotch is always wrong that it’s merely a physical desire that ought to be restrained. I beg to differ. The heart is not always right. The heart is prone to bouts of excitement and then it dies down. The heart is easily wooed by words and actions. At times it takes joy and appreciation as love. That four letter word that comes easy to the heart and slow to the crotch. Before you go ahead and judge me I’m not saying that you shouldn’t believe in love but then I’m reminding you that there’s another four letter word that’s almost taboo to mention- LUST.

Lust is an itch. A yearning for what you don’t have and just like a kid to a Toy,once you get it,it’s over. But then again as I said, the line between lust and love is hard to tell. How do you know when that physical desire you had for somebody turns into an emotional wanting? A need for her to be there just to hold her and listen to her breathe in your arms? It’s tough. Really hard to know between love and lust. They’re like two identical  twin sisters when you can only have one but the problem is,who’s the fairest of them all? ………..think about it.

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