Let’s not talk about sex. Sex has lost it’s shine. It’s been objectified and turned into a source of stress and not pleasure.
let’s talk about good deeds. I mean deeds that make you feel good. What makes you feel good? Is it waking up to a cup of hot chocolate in the morning? A massage after a long day at work? Tell me what makes you happy. Anything other than sex…..

Let’s talk about your memories. I know life is sad enough as it is but no God would be mean to deny you happy memories…do you remember your first crush? When you were jumpy and all. Let’s not talk about losing virginity. I doubt anyone has a happy memory about it.  It’s called losing virginity and not winning.

Let’s talk about love and how emotions are God’s comedy. Where he gets the chance to see a couple move from love to anger to tears and love again.  Where in the theatre of love the devil sows antagonists that breed Temptation.

As far as I am concerned let’s not talk about sex…if we talk about sex let it not be an engineering discussion of width and length and their relation to a woman’s depth. Let us not be meteorologists discussing if conditions are wet. When girl meets boy there’s more to talk about than just sex….so let’s not talk about sex.

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