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Let’s get naked

As naked I came
As naked I will go
Don’t worry about my clothes
Pay attention to the body I’m about to
As naked I came
As naked I will go
Not in the physical sense
But in the mind blocked from the
Tense we always get when faced with
the unfamiliar
We hate secrets, fear when we lack
Always asking in search
What is knowledge?
Are we here to discover our
Or are we destined to live beyond all
What is possible? What is too ideal?
How can we; the imperfect, envision
what is perfect?
When something is too good, we reject
It can’t be true because our minds
won’t accept it
That is why I question, what is real?
Is it what can be proven?
How did life begin?
we don’t have the answers
Clothed with our eyes we can only see
so far
The mind is a powerful tool but we
barely use it, we abuse it
For we’re trapped; our thoughts have
We’re shallow; we gotta be careful
As naked we came
As naked we’ll go
Our lives are already written in a book
we’re not reading
As naked we came
As naked we’ll go
Open up your hearts people
Free your souls
Let us get naked

© Pepe Haze

courtesy of Storyzetu

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  1. hellen mwambi masido says:

    very timely 4 me!av been feeling low bt ita made me realize i am free to better my life instead of tying maslf in depression. thanks 4 sharing Haze.

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