Chui threatening his audience

Chui threatening his audience

I check my phone wondering if and when this lecturer is planning to end this class. It’s 10.20 AM Multimedia University time. I glance out the window and I notice a group of students walking towards the university’s Club House. A strange thing to do this July morning. Strange because the Club House is frequented by those in the need of a swim or a drink. Neither of which are compatible with any body (pun intended) in this weather.
Five minutes later, the lecturer decides to finally wrap the class up. And in the exiting commotion, I get to hear that a leopard had been spotted around the Club House. I get worried.
Multimedia University is located on the fringes of Nairobi National Park. It could be the only university in the world that has resident warthogs and baboons all-year round. Ergo, getting leopards or other animals spotting large canines paying a visit should be common place. But it’s not and it’s not supposed to be. Today it was.
I’m not (and I don’t think anyone is) ready to be predator lunch for a day. If you are, I can arrange that date for you. I’ve known a leopard since this morning. A few weeks ago, it was lion-kill-goat, man-kill-ion show in Kitengela. What is KWS waiting for before they act? Lion-kill-man?
I am not a wildlife expert in the least. The only thing I know about wildlife is animal names-and knowing my name means “zebra” in my dialect. Right now, I’ve also figured I am not safe. I can no longer stroll in my campus without listening out for some leopard noises. Whenever I stare at a bush, I’ll imagine some green eyes staring back at my fleshy thighs. I can almost see a leopard right now unhooking my t-shirt from the line.
As a citizen of this country, I demand for a secure environment. We harvest billions from tourism money, it’s only fair that some of those dollars be used to fence Nairobi National Park plus any other smart ideas by our rangers be implemented. If the government can’t protect it’s citizens from blood hungry predatory animals, then they should shut the park down!! It’s not a plea, it’s a right that I and many others, are demanding pronto!!
Victor Brian

Chui says, “See you later guys.”

Story Zetu

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