Last week, we decided to start using our twitter account and facebook page to post couplets and epigrams under the hashtag #vsp ;standing for Very Short Poem.

Since there are some of our beloved readers who have neither liked our facebook page nor followed us on twitter, we will be posting the week’s short poems under one post at the end of the week. Well, today is not the end of last week but … well we came to the decision last night.

Here goes :


Of course it started with twitter:

I watch an elite, a fool and a whore,
tweet arguments on the underscore.


You tweet, blog and curse the political swine,
question: what change have you made offline?

On that note,

Wangari planted a tree,
Gandhi went hungry.
A small deed from whoever,
changes the world forever.

Remember last month’s  graffiti by Boniface Mwangi and Co? Of course you do …

They’ll paint over our graffiti murals,
but the message will live on our heart’s walls!

And as the murals said,

See, it is the overworked underpaid man going hungry
That will vote for a goon to get a six figure salary.

Now that we were talking about that;

How you live with the money we pay,
While we are guilty of 3 meals a day,
Beats us.

Money! Always money!

Government, “you doctors ask for too much cash.”
In hospital, a child dies of a cough and a rash.

Surely that is unfair… and this too;

Our beloved IDPs still sleep in the rain.
A fact, we hope, will wash away their pain.

IDPs! Is it the incentive we lack? The money?

Kenya, a country that pays the president’s wife, PM’s and VP’s,
cannot afford to resettle her IDPs.

All talk about the internally displaced, what caused that?

Two ICC suspects now campaign together
it is a new tactic, unite and conquer.

Away from that, heard that Balala was fired from the Tourism docket …well, we met this mzungu …

“Wait, you guys aren’t fighting and dieing of hunger?”
No tourist, welcome to the real Africa.

AFRICA, AFRICA, AFRICA! What’s your thought on Africa? Here is ours;

It is not high tech we need,
For a development streak.
It is rather, the decolonization of the mind
or so I think.

Well we were not sure if this is an example of decolonization …

Kim, whose father sells mutura,
after growing up, wants to be Ace Ventura.

We also don’t know if Kim knows Kamau, but …

Many problems, Kamau does host
to beat them, it is maize he does roast.

Good, good, Kamau isn’t roasting people at least;

A bomb in US; Muslim extremist creature
Murders in Iraq; achieving world peace, the big picture.

Then we got philosophical

A thief should live, instructed on the good to do,
Pity, the Kenyan police don’t think so too.

Then inspirational;

We were born to try,
to laugh and cry.
Friend, strive till you die.

Yeah, that was it for last week, please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you’d like your #VSP posted by us, please tweet it to us @Storyzetu or post it here, all rights will be accorded to you.

Have a great week 🙂


2 Responses

  1. deelaytful says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. These are very witty!

    1. storyzetu says:

      Thank you for your comment Deelaytful. Mend your ribs and send us the bill 😉

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