If she leaves me
I’ll grab a bottle of whiskey
Drink my heart out and get tipsy
I’ll let the world know that she left me why else would my behavior be this
If she leaves me I’ll go sit under the tree where we first kissed and seat under it’s leaves and I will whisper like a madman. I will whisper to the tree why oh why did she leave me is it something that I did or the smell of my feet.I promised her I’ll wash it oh yes I did…and I will hug that tree and cry like a baby for our love was conceived under that tree
If she leaves me I’ll be all pensive.
Lock myself in. Lock the world out.
I’ll cry ….like a man. Silent cries with no tears just a few sniffles coupled with some wrinkles and I’ll take a big cup of that special liquid one worthy to be the last not because of it’s sweetness, but
because of it’s effectiveness. And I will lie limp, cold and rotting till the maggots fart and the neighbours bring a cask….

but only if she leaves me.

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  1. Paul wambugu says:

    Nyc plan. hehe

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