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If only he listened

It’s routine now; waking up to the silence and emptiness that surrounds him. It wasn’t always like this; silent. The place once used to burst with noise and life. Waking up in the morning would bring a smile to his face………but it wasn’t the same now. It was silent. Too silent. A shadow of what used to be. No more kids running about chasing each other playing police and thieves. No more screams and laughs of his daughter singing “Daddy daddy wake up……” he missed them. He really did. But then what else could he do for he chose his own destiny in one drunken night.

The images hurt him. They shot guilty straight to his heart. Images at the bar,he heard words, stories. Stories of how she did it behind his back. How she mocked him. Stories that tore through his drunken body and ripped his soul. The images flashed again. Images of the knocking down the door, broken bottles,blood, his wife’s blood, her screams of “listen to me……” but he never let her talk never listened to her pleas he just hit her and kicked her, his daughters watched screaming out but he still never listened until the only thing he could hear Was his breathing. None was left in his precious Sofia, just blood and a lifeless body.
He still never listened to the sirens, the shouts of the cops, the screams of shock from the neighbors ……………..he never listened.

Back to reality and he can hear, he can hear the sounds of metal bars clicking open. Sounds he’s heard for the last fifteen years .sounds he wouldn’t have heard if only he listened to her ……..if only he heard her story.if only he listened …

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  1. masido says:

    whoa!really potent! damn!

  2. masido says:

    whoa!really potent! damn!

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