“I love her,I love her not,I love her,I love her n…..” “Teddy answer me,do you still love me?” I don’t know how to answer this,hence the I love her,love her not game playing in my mind. In Truth I did love her but in another truth I did not love our relationship. Confused? Okay lemme go back a bit in time to the beginning of our umm “love story” like any other relationship, we were head over heels in love.Cupid took a really good shot at our asses. Calling each other every hour of the day,sending sweet texts in godforsaken hours, spending every moment of our weekends together. For her,I missed a full month of arsenal games.! But like some sadistic wiseass once said,all good things must come to an end and our good thing did, albeit gradually I must add.The hourly texts were mere goodnight wishes, the weekends together turned into a few hours each weekend and that would only be if there wasn’t an arsenal game that day. It has been that way until this moment that she repeats her question “Teddy,do you still love me? Be honest.” Now,when she says it the way she just has,it gets difficult to say no to such pretty brown eyes.And with that I say,”Jane you know I love you and don’t you ever doubt that.” I say this putting on my most “Romeo” look. But before you go ahead to say,”oh my God, you lying ba….” you need to know that I haven’t lied. Remember that I said that I love her,I simply hate our relationship. Where’s the excitement?where’s the spark? Its gone and most of you would say I’m to blame cause its the Guy’s role to keep the flame burning but just think,what do you think the cliche “its not you its me” means? Don’t get it? Well I’ll explain. When a man tells a girl that, he’s politely saying “hey,look here girl, I still love you, I really do but I’m running out of fun ideas here and your lazy but really pretty ass won’t come up with any.so,see ya! ” All in all, I’m simply telling all couples one thing:don’t leave the work of keeping your relationship alive to one person. You’re in it together or else youll lose each other. Got it? Kapish? Good.my work is done here.hasta la vista babies! *insert Schwarzenegger voice* I am @bzartony

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